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Siam Automation Field Engineering Co., Ltd.

Technology has always been the chief force that propels revolution. Especially, automation is undeniably the edge to a new leap in productivity. That is where
Siam Automation Field Engineering (SAFE) has the expertise in, mechatronic engineering.
SAFE management philosophy, inherited from Japanese industrial culture balanced with Thai cordiality touch, is to stay competitive in the demanding industry. Versatile tailored solutions, that matches your strategic innovation for maximized efficacy under optimal cost that matches or supersedes your expectations, are our commitment to you.


Real result takes much more than  work hours

Through the years, Siam Automation Field Engineering (SAFE) has been highly acclaimed by the clients for determination and bringing innovation to the projects. With increasing capacity, our growing number of engineers keeps on pushing boundaries in machine and conveyor system design and detailed specifications to achieve expectations if not beyond. Our priority has always been customer focused meaning that you will achieve your targets, be it the desired Cycle time, optimal cost, enhanced efficiency, manufacturing standards such as IFC, ISO, Toyota Way, or Denso, or even one machine specifically designed for your needs. SAFE believes in values over delivery. So, your projects are guaranteed to produce worthy return and that decides our competitive edge over rival makers. The Japanese management philosophy drives SAFE to be thorough in every stage of production, and tests. Often, a programmable complicated machine was designed, built and had undertaken repetitive cycle of tuning and perfecting. All came from initiatives that we encouraged our engineers to take even though what it took was a start from scratch. 

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